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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why I Walk Wednesday: Jaxon

At 33 weeks, Jaxon’s mother discovered that she was leaking amniotic fluid. She was admitted to the hospital and put on an IV antibiotic to prevent an infection to Jaxon. The hope was to delay Jaxon’s arrival until 35 weeks. However, he was delivered by emergency C-section within 4 hours. Jaxon’s dad was able to see him briefly before he was taken to the NICU for unstable oxygen levels. He was put on a C-PAP because he could not breathe on his own, and he was in an incubator to help control his temperature. His liver was also not functioning correctly. Jaxon’s parents spent as many hours as possible by his side. Thanks to the wonderful care in the NICU, along with the kangaroo care and breast milk he received, Jaxon was able to come home after only 16 days. Jaxon may only measure in the 5th percentile for his age, but he is now a happy, healthy, and inquisitive little boy. Jaxon and his family look forward to seeing you and your teammates at March for Babies this year.

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