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Friday, January 21, 2011

Charles County March for Babies Kick-off & Biggest Baby Shower February 10th at 5pm at the Civista Atrium

Drop by Civista Atrium on February 10th any time from 5pm to 8pm to learn abut the March for Babies, Collect Supplies, and Drop off Your Donations.

Donations Suggestions Include Preemie Diapers, Diapers, Baby Bottles, Formula & Pack-n-Plays

March for Babies
2010 Awards will be announced at 6pm.

For more information contact Jennifer Abell at 703 824-0111 ext 17 or

Jennifer Abell

The Journey of Marcus Kuhn

Team Kuhn
Marcus Kuhn
Born: Oct 12, 2009
Gestational Age: 32 Weeks
Weight: 4 lb – 14 oz and 18 inches

Marcus was conceived through IVF treatments and came into this world at 32 weeks (gestational age). This was our first child and considered our “Miracle Baby” due to the length of time it took to conceive him and his premature arrival. My water broke on a Sunday morning and Marcus was born the following evening @ 5:31pm on Oct 12, 2009 at Frederick Memorial Hospital. When Marcus was born I gave him a quick kiss & he was taken to the NICU. Although we were briefed prior to delivery on what to expect with Marcus being 8 weeks early, nothing can prepare you for the feelings you experience when you see your child for the first time in the NICU. All the wires, tubes, monitors and alarms, it can be overwhelming to say the least but, having to leave your child at the hospital was the most difficult thing to deal with. There were many long days & late nights visiting Marcus in the NICU and as each day passed we could see a little more progress. So after 6 long weeks, we were finally able to leave the hospital as a family and although Marcus was released with an apnea monitor that he remained on at home for an additional 6 weeks. The big day had finally come and on Jan. 7th 2010, Marcus was finally wire free for the first time since he was born!

On October 12th, 2010 we celebrated Marcus’ 1st birthday & we couldn’t have been happier!!

He is a healthy 24 lb little man now and doing wonderfully!

Now looking back and experiencing a premature birth and the NICU. It was truly a blessing to have the support from each other, family and the NICU nurses and doctors, it really helped make a difference in all that we had to deal with.

For more information on the sign of preterm labor visit:

Heather Kane