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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why We Walk: The Heard Family

Our journey as a family started with a healthy pregnancy. After having Luke, we unfortunately miscarried but tried again. Then, we learned we were having identical twin boys. With uncontrollable joy, I started buying two of everything.

At 24 weeks, the bigger twin, Cody’s heart stopped. Then, I learned the babies had Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. So, I had an emergency C-section. Our twins were born; Cody weighing 1.6lbs, and Dalton weighing 1.2lbs; and they were whisked off to the NICU. We spent countless hours at their bedside with them praying, singing, and talking to them. After three long days, we got the call to say goodbye to Dalton. This was the longest walk of my life. We held him for what felt like hours, kissed his fragile lips and said goodbye.

We visited Cody in the NICU every day for 143 days. After many ups and downs, we finally brought him home with oxygen support. While we celebrated every single joy we had in our life, our oldest son, Luke and our surviving twin, Cody - we were numb with pain. 

The March of Dimes helped us in various ways throughout this journey. During our NICU stay, the NICU Family Support Specialist, Sara, walked by me to ask how I was or if I needed anything. We participate in March for Babies to honor our journey.

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