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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Every baby deserves the BEST!

This year marks our special anniversary, and what better way to honor 75 years of lifesaving breakthroughs than by breaking through our former goals and taking the Be Your Best for Babies challenge!

75 years of passion, perseverance and research has improved — and continues to improve — the health of babies. And I got to thinking…progress of any kind only comes about by pushing further and reaching higher. So let’s do the same! Let’s push further. Let’s set our goals higher than ever in raising funds and growing our teams. The money we raise supports ongoing research into the causes of premature birth, and brings us closer to answers that are just out of reach.

We can all take pride in the lifesaving achievements that we, and caring people just like us, help make possible. So let’s take part in the celebration, too! Let’s reach higher and accept the Be Your Best for Babies challenge. Setting a higher goal makes it more exciting and gives everyone something wonderful to strive for.

So come on…what’s the worst that can happen? Not a thing — IT’S ALL GOOD! Even if we don’t completely reach our best goal, but raise a few dollars more, every dollar makes a difference. Remember, when we raise more money, we are also raising hopes for babies and moms.

Ok, all together now…Happy 75th March of Dimes! And the BEST of health to babies everywhere!


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