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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Managing your March for Babies Online Fundraising Tool

Online Fundraising Tool (OFT)

Online fundraising Tool (OFT) is the best way for your team to raise money.  Family Teams that have personalized their website raise more money than the teams that use the generic page.  Many teams will put an updated picture of their child, family or the previous year’s team.  Engage your team members and  tell your story and why you are marching in March for Babies.  Make sure that both your personal web page and your team web page are personalized. 
Setting a goal! 

Make sure you set a goal.  2013 is the March of Dimes 75 Anniversary!  In celebration of the 75th anniversary we have launched the BE YOUR BEST FOR BABIES! Campaign.  We are asking all walkers to look at your best fundraising year and set your 2013 March for Babies goal to beat that amount.  When you register for 2013 March for Babies, your goal will self-populate to be slightly higher than your best year. You can set your goal to be whatever you would like, but we encourage you to take the challenge and be your best for babies. The next step is to let your friends and family know that you’ve taken the challenge by clicking on the BE YOUR BEST FOR BABIES! box on your personal and team page.   

If this is your first time walking in March for Babies, then we encourage you to personalize your goal.  For example if you child was in the NICU for 100 days set your goal at $1,000.  $10 for every day they spent in the NICU.  There is not a minimum dollar amount required amount to raise for March for Babies, so make sure you are comfortable with your goal amount.  The average Family Team raises $1000 and the average walker on a team raises $200.  If you recruit five friends and family to walk with your team and ask them each to set a personal fundraising goal of $200, overnight your team will have raised $1,000. It is that easy!

Communication!  Communication!
The best part of your OFT page is the communication tool.  It allows you to store your team contact information, generates emails and sends them out for you!  There are also neat tools such as personalized ecards, Facebook widgets and signature badges.  This is a fun and exciting way to engage your teammates.  Additionally, all the information is stored for next year!!!  The key to a successful team is communication; send out regular updates to all team members on how your team is doing.  Then sit back and watch your team grow!

For more information go to our Quick Guide to Online Fundraising.
Also check out our YouTube videos on Setting up your Online Fundraising page.

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