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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Your Support Helps Babies

Thanks to you, the March of Dimes has touched the lives of thousands in the Maryland and National Capital Area in 2012. You can see our efforts every day, right in your own community.

When the March of Dimes began nearly 75 years ago, the community donated dimes. Today, it takes more than dimes to do our work to improve the health of babies.  Times are hard, but we are hoping that you might help one more time in 2012 by making a tax-deductible donation.

Your year-end, tax-deductible gift is extremely important to the March of Dimes because it funds important research and programs that help babies begin healthy lives. Please consider making as generous a contribution as you can. Here is how your donation at the following levels can make a difference:

  • Provide 68 sleep sack to babies in the NICU to reduce the risks of SIDS
  • Purchase two Becoming a Mom Curriculum Books for one of the 8 chapter Stork’s Nests
  • Purchase 12 PREEMIES Books, a book for parents for the NICU libraries
  • Provide 10 nurses with continuing education credits through our Nursing Modules
  • Provide 4 Memory Boxes for families who have lost a baby and corresponding written materials
  • Purchase scrapbooking materials for the families in the NICU
  • Purchase 3 PREEMIES Books, a book for parents for the NICU libraries
  • Provide 2 women with notebooks for their Centering Pregnancy (group prenatal care) classes
  • Purchase 10 Breastfeeding How-to–Guides for hospitals and clinics
  • Provide one pregnancy test on the Mama & Baby Bus
Click here to donate to the March of Dimes.

Those who cannot give financially can still help MOD by voting for Miles:

Your Vote for March of Dimes Counts in United Airlines’ Annual 10 Million Mile Charity Giveaway

United will be donating 10 million MileagePlus miles among their participating charity partners – miles will be awarded based on the percentage of the overall vote each organization receives. Each partner will receive a minimum of 25,000 miles, but the more votes we get the more miles the March of Dimes will receive. Voting is open to the public, membership in MileagePlus is not required. Individuals may vote once per day for the duration of the campaign which will end on December 25. Miles will be awarded in January 2013.
vote today and everyday between now and the 25th, and be sure to spread the news - share on your Facebook page and Tweets

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